3rd Dec 2013

We’re pleased to announce a new project and welcome two new cast members to the Shipwrecked family!

Kissing in the Rain
A new micro-webseries from Shipwrecked Comedy, set entirely in the rain. Two sets of actors re-enact the most romantic kisses in history from the 1600s through the 1960s, all while grappling with their off-camera feelings between takes. Shooting this December 2013 and scheduled for release in early 2014.

Chapter I: Lily & James

Actors Lily and James keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, despite not being particularly fond of each other. 

Chapter II: Audrey & Henry

Actors Audrey and Henry keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, yet can’t seem to find a way to tell each other their feelings between takes.

Mary Kate Wiles as Lily
Sean Persaud as James
Sinead Persaud as Audrey
Sairus Graham as Henry

Created by Yulin Kuang

A note from Yulin:

We’re embarking on this project because this was the shippiest thing we could think of that would allow us to play with both historical and modern worlds without the aid of a space-time vortex-traveling TARDIS. Part of our concept for this webseries was that every episode could be watched as fanfiction for a slew of films that don’t necessarily exist. 

Kissing in the Rain is, at its heart, inverse fanfiction. The structure of the series pulls a lot from the fanfic concept of “missing moments”, and as a result each episode is intended to be a small slice of a bigger narrative we aren’t necessarily seeing on screen. One of my favorite things about the world of fanfiction was the feeling that I was coloring in a part of the story that had been left for me by the creators. We’re leaving you guys the larger areas to color in between each episode. There are two multi-episode chapters, Lily & James and Audrey & Henry.

Lily & James was intended as a quiet homage to my fanfic roots, one I didn’t think would go noticed by many. I first started my writing career in Harry Potter fanfiction over eleven years ago, and I feel I owe a lot to the Harry Potter fandom for helping me find the confidence to be creative in the first place. MK was the first person to ask me about the HP connection in our initial conversations about the project, and then so many of you guys immediately picked up on it after our announcement as well. I’m happy to see the Lily/James shipping community is still alive and thriving on tumblr!

This is our public disclaimer that beyond the first names of the characters, there are no other stated Harry Potter references within this series because we’re young broke filmmakers and can’t afford to get into any copyright trouble!

And in case you guys were wondering, Audrey & Henry is an even quieter homage to Audrey Hepburn and Henry Mancini (the composer of “Moon River”), both of whom contributed to one of our favorite kissing in the rain scenes in cinematic history:

We hope you’ll stay tuned over the next few weeks as we come out with behind-the-scenes production videos and answer any other questions you might have for us - our ask box is always open! Thanks for watching and reading!

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